Month: June 2014

PotuS Lives!

This post has been a long time coming! I am so happy to be finally doing this podcast and sharing some of my insanity, love, humor, thoughts, and friends with the rest of the world. I have been a bartender for 8 years, a yoga teacher for 5, and an inquisitive soul my whole life. For years I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog or starting a podcast. After years of hesitation, and a push from my engineer and trainer, Cristian Matos, we have arrived!

The PotuS Lives podcast is intended to be a forum for positive and interesting people to express themselves to the world and start a conversation with like minded individuals. POTUS is an acronym that the secret service uses, (in movies anyway) to discuss the President of the United States. When I was young I aspired to be the president because I thought that was the most powerful thing I could be when I grew up. As I grew to discover my love for writing, performing, teaching, and leading I realized that there were far more powerful things one could be in this life time than the President. I also realized that power was a relative term and that it was up to ones’ self to define what it meant to be powerful. I took on the acronym to stand for POWER OF THE UNCHAINED SOUL. This is how I describe the feeling of absolute freedom one experiences when you let go of the limitations of your mind. The best artist are the ones that you feel are speaking from a place of honesty. When you encounter someone speaking truthfully or at least speaking the truth you are moved because the unfettered truth is the most powerful force in the universe.

I hope, over the course of the years of this podcast and my lifetime to harness and utilize that power for positivity and progress. I invite you all to check out the older episodes of this podcast and some of the ancient episodes of BEFORE PotuS Lives , when we were still trying to figure out a direction. We are a grass roots production but we will be delivering content every week for you so please enjoy and send us your feed back via Twitter & Instagram @Potuslives and

-PotuS Lives